ExpatTeam is the first tax law firm in the Netherlands that has developed an on-line tool for the application of the 30%-ruling, the


ExpatTool is accessible from every place, at every time and is very easy to use. It will save you and your employee time, money and a lot of hassle

With our ExpatTool you are guaranteed of an easy and clear process of your 30% ruling application. And even better, in almost all cases ExpatTeam can tell you within two weeks if your 30% ruling will be granted. Do you want us to show you a live demonstration, please give us a call 31 (0)6 54 958 666.


ExpatTeam is a boutique tax law firm with a focus on expatriate services and international employment. ExpatTeam is established in Almere, in the centre of the Netherlands.

ExpatTeam is the first tax law firm that developed a web based solution (“in the cloud”) for the application of the 30%-ruling. We have named the solution ExpatTool.

ExpatTeam is your trusted specialist in the area of expatriate services and complex international fiscal and social security regulations regarding employment. Do you encounter such complex fiscal rules? Please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

It is the firm’s philosophy that we distinguish ourselves with a personal and pro-active approach and a result-driven attitude. We perform our services at our best and with a no-nonsense and a practical approach. Specifically the personal approach and the satisfaction of our clients are very important to us.

ExpatTeam offers its clients a full services concept. Because we are a boutique tax law firm our rates are very competitive.

Interested? Please contact us: + 31 (0)6 54 958 666 or mail mail@expatteam.nl.

ExpatTeam is taking care.

  • on-line 30% ruling application
  • within 2 weeks clarity on eligability 30%-ruling
  • personal attention
  • dedicated team of experts
  • full service delivery
  • fee structure with no surprises
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