About us

The employees of ExpatTeam are experienced and worked for many years at Big4 companies within the field of international employment. It is the firm’s philosophy that we work personal, fast and direct, with a no-nonsense and a practical approach. Specifically the personal approach and the satisfaction of our clients are very important to us.

The 30%-ruling and the applicable wage- and income tax is dynamic and always in motion. Especially in these trying times, tax legislation is continuously being modified and broadened.The specialists of ExpatTeam are following the developments such as announcements of the Ministry of Finance and jurisprudence with regard to the 30%-ruling very closely. Because of our specific knowledge in this area, ingenuity and resourcefulness, we are perfectly suited to optimize and keep your fiscal position up-to-date.

The advisors of ExpatTeam provide consultations to companies and individual expats. We distinguish ourselves with a personal and pro-active approach and a result-driven attitude. Our low overhead costs, years of experience and sound legal training allows us to offer competitive rates. We are also available outside of regular office hours if so desired.

ExpatTeam is taking care.
  • on-line 30% ruling application
  • within 2 weeks clarity on eligability 30%-ruling
  • personal attention
  • dedicated team of experts
  • full service delivery
  • fee structure with no surprises
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