ExpatTeam can help you to manage the expat population by performing amongst others, the following services.

  • Application of the Dutch 30%-ruling using the unique ExpatTool;
  • Application for the so-called A1 (former E-101 form) and Certificate of Coverage;
  • Preparation and filing of the Dutch individual income tax return;
  • Filing preliminary refunds and notice of appeals against decisions from the tax authorities including personal contact with the Dutch tax authorities;
  • Tax, social security and pension advice regarding international employment;
  • Entrance and exit meetings
  • Advice regarding expatriate and international employment / social security;
  • Gross-net and net-gross calculations;
  • Advice with regard and the implementation of a non Dutch or International pension scheme;
  • Reconciliation of foreign payroll details for Dutch payroll;
  • Support for the wage tax administration and HRM department;
  • Immigration Services.

ExpatTeam offers a wide range of support and services relating to international employment. Are you looking for a service that is not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us to discuss the options. Most likely we are able to support your needs!

ExpatTeam is taking care.
  • on-line 30% ruling application
  • within 2 weeks clarity on eligability 30%-ruling
  • personal attention
  • dedicated team of experts
  • full service delivery
  • fee structure with no surprises
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