Accessible from every computer at every time and place our on-line 30% ExpatTool is designed to make the 30% ruling application as easy as possible for both companies and their employees.

ExpatTeam has developed an online application tool. This tool is now in use for many years. Based on this Tool, ExpatTeam can inform you usually two weeks if the 30% ruling whether or not the 30%-ruling will be granted. This gives both employer and employee quick clarity on the 30% ruling!

If you would like to receive more information on our ExpatTool and what ExpatTeam can do for your company, please contact us. We would be more than pleased to meet you at your office to show you all possibilities.

ExpatTeam is taking care.

  • on-line 30% ruling application
  • within 2 weeks clarity on eligability 30%-ruling
  • personal attention
  • dedicated team of experts
  • full service delivery
  • fee structure with no surprises
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